Niklas Sletteland

I am a web developer based in San Diego, California. I specialize in clean, accessible, hand-coded front-end development, leveraging such technologies as HTML(5), CSS(3), and Javascript (including JQuery and the Google Maps v3.0 API). I am passionate about web technologies and interactive, responsive design; I think the web should be a fun, beautiful, and useful place.

a photo of Niklas

While I specialize in front-end development, I also have experience creating web applications and interacting with databases (primaryily using PHP and MySQL). I've also done a bit of wrangling with IIS and Microsoft SQL Server. Other technologies I've worked with include Wordpress, Java, Perl, XML, JSON, PuTTY, and Git.

I have some experience with the Adobe Suite, including Illustrator and InDesign, and particularly Photoshop. I'm also quite fond of typography.

Some of the things I enjoy include, in no particular order: skiing, photography, coding, reading, creating passwords with an optimum rememberability-to-bits-of-entropy ratio, mountain biking, and drinking cappucinos.

Recent Projects